Carbon Maps, a carbon accounting startup for the food industry, gets new backers

Carbon Maps is a relatively new entrant in the carbon and environmental accounting space as it is less than one year old. But the French company has already secured $7.6 million in funding (€7 million) following the startup’s €3 million seed round extension.

I already covered Carbon Maps back in February, so I encourage you to read this previous article to get the full story. But I wanted to share an update as the company managed to convince Daphni to participate in the seed round. Carbon Maps had already raised €4 million ($4.3 million at today’s exchange rate) from Breega and Samaipata.

As a reminder, Carbon Maps is building a software-as-a-service platform focused on the environmental impact of the food industry. Unlike other carbon accounting startups, Carbon Maps focuses on one industry in particular and helps companies calculate their environmental footprint at the product-level.

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